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Founded in September 2009, the « Maison du Duke » (Duke’s Place in Paris) is dedicated to Duke Ellington’s legacy. It brings together enthusiasts and the public about values carry meaning for the world to reinvent itself. The association is represented by Philippe Baudoin (honorary chairman), Laurent Mignard (chairman), Leïla Olivesi (vice-chairman), Isabelle Marquis, Bernard Villiers, Claudette de San Isidoro, Jean François Pitet, Jean-Claude Alexandre, François Desbrosses, Francis Capeau …


Paris, 28, 29, 30 April 2023

Since 1981, Ellingtonian experts from around the world have been meeting every year in order to exchange and share their knowledge about Duke Ellington’s work and life. The event will be organized for the first time in France by La Maison du Duke under the theme «Duke and the lights». On the program: conferences, round tables, cinema, visits, concerts…
Presentation and program here


Our activities

  • Cd  unreleased concerts of Duke Ellington : Available to members each year, an unreleased concert of Duke Ellington, issued from the collection Clavié (650 hours of concertsfrom 1945 to 1970).
  • Lectures : Cycle of thematic conferences by specialists of La Maison du Duke : Claude Carrière, Philippe Baudoin, Jean-François Pitet, François Théberge, Philippe, Milanta, Laurent Mignard
  • Exhibition: Duke Ellington Panorama (12 thematic panels by Philippe Baudoin and Isabelle Marquis, with a musical playlist by Claude Carrière) 
  • Music is My Mistress : french translation of the autobiography « Music is my mistress« , publ. Slatkine et Cie
  • Scores and music : A selection of transcriptions of Laurent Mignard DUKE ORCHESTRA to support musicians and orchestras (amateur or professional) in their interpretations of Duke Ellington’s work
  • Photo rareties and private collections : Collectors of La Maison du Duke show their treasures, the largest European funds on Duke Ellington records, scores, photos, documents, movies 

International partnership

The Duke Ellington for the Arts has laid the foundations for an international partnership with the French « ducal triptych: La Maison Du Duke (Duke’s place in Paris), Laurent Mignard Duke Orchestra and the Provins Duke Festival. 
Ellington loved Paris and spent much time there. So did Billy Strayhorn, Ellington’s collaborator and friend. In turn, the French loved Duke. So, it’s only natural that a collaboration between our organizations should be formed.  Each has a strong and dedicated desire to preserve and further the legacy of Duke Ellington to a global audience through performance and education. 
To commemorate the alliance, honorary designations have been awarded in a gesture of friendship across the seas.
Honorary vice-presidents of La Maison du Duke
  • Mercedes Ellington, President and Founding Artistic Director of The Duke Ellington Center for the Arts
  • Michael D. Dinwiddie, Chairman of the Duke Ellington Center for the Arts
  • Alfie Wade Jr, International Advisory Advocate, Duke Ellington Center for the Arts.
Honorary vice-presidents of  The Duke Ellington Center for the Arts
  • Philippe Baudoin (Honorary Chairman of Maison du Duke)
  • Laurent Mignard, Chairman of Maison du Duke
  • Leila Olivesi (Vice-Chairman of Maison du Duke)
The first part of this ongoing partnership was the participation of Mercedes Ellington in the annual Provins Duke Jazz Festival – September 2014, 23 to 27. This appearance was followed by Ms. Ellington’s participation in a Duke Ellington Sacred Concert presentation in Paris by the Laurent Mignard Duke Orchestra on October 1, 2014. Watch video – DVD trailer
« Duke’s Place in Paris »
5bis cité du midi 75018 Paris – France


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