29 avril, Symposium Ellington 2024 à Stockholm

Here is an excerpt from the new Bulletin about DESS’ celebration of Ellington 125 in Stockholm on April 29, 2024

The first issue of the DESS Bulletin for 2004 was sent to DESS members a couple of days ago.

A good part of it is about Duke Ellington’s upcoming 125th birthday.

It has of course everything about how DESS will celebrate Ellington’s 125th birthday on Monday 29 April 2004.

The celebration will start in the morning as it did in 1939 when Ellington turned 40 but this year it will not be coffee and music at bedside but a full day Ellington mini conference followed by an evening concert.

Six leading international Ellington experts will travel to Stockholm to make presentations about different aspects of Duke Ellington from 9 o’clock in the morning to 5 o’clock in the afternoon.

The speakers and their topics are:

Bjarne Busk: The Stockpile – After 40 years in Denmark

John E. Hasse: Duke Ellington at 125

Michael Kilpatrick: The Magic of the Early 1930s

Marilyn Lester: Duke Ellington’s Broadway

Jean Francois Pitet Duke Ellington and Duke Ellington & Cab Colloway – Musical Connection

Samantha Wright – Duke Ellington and the Clarinet

The conference is free of charge.

There will be a Get-Together-Party for the speakers. the DESS Board and visitors to previous Ellington conferences in Stockholm at

Wallingatan 34 close to the next to Scalateatern

The evening concert is provided by Stockholm Swing All Stars.

It is the leading Swedish swing orchestra with a repertoire including Ellington music. It tours frequently and has issued two Ellington CDs so far.

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